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Branding, logos, business cards, brochures, photography, menus, posters, wedding cards, etc.

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Great branding isn’t complete without stunning designs. Kick off your brand with an epic logo, captivating business card, branded stationary and apparel, letterheads, email signatures, etc.

What style are you going for? Modern minimalist, vintage or retro, fun, corporate etc.? Our designs are crafted to compliment your brand.
Come and talk to us for the complete solution or a single design – whatever you need.
We work with brands of all sizes, shapes and colour.

Our graphic design services

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Logo Design

We create logos that suit your business, whether it be fun, corporate, modern, minimalist, vintage or classic. Most of the time your logo is the first thing clients see. More on our Branding Service.

Business Cards

Let your business card stand out from the rest. At Morphe Media we create business cards that will captivate the viewer’s attention.


Create a menu that is simple, easy to read and that compliments the style of your restaurant or cafe. It can be fun and festive or elegant and sophisticated – the possibilities are endless.

Posters and Brochures

Posters and brochures are great tools for marketing and brand awareness. Make sure they are being seen and read. With a well planned design you are able to captivate the viewer’s attention.


Turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating infographic. Visualize your data with awesome charts and designs.

Stationary and Apparel

Personalize your stationary and apparel for your own company’s use or as a marketing tool.

Wedding and Events

We do wedding invites, thank you cards, order of events cards etc. See our Wedding and Event service.


Speak to us about any other designs you want to bring to life. Get in touch.

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